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Who are Panzers?

Panzers are a Deli and Grocery and have been established in St Johns Wood, London since 1944.

What were their needs?

When Panzers came to us they asked us to audit their site. They told us that they were really happy with the overall design and colour scheme of their site but asked if we could audit their site and suggest ways it could be improved.

After auditing their site we stated...

  • Their current Wordpress theme did not have a consistent page layout and lots of the navigation was buried in other pages.
  • The site was not user friendly and was hard to navigate.
  • The postcode field that would allow customers to see products and add products to their basket that were available was very cumbersome. It did not store the postcode and was requested on almost every page.
  • There was also no clear way of knowing whether a product was for delivery or collection and where it was available without using the postcode field.
  • Images were not well optimised.
  • They had a lot of plugins that were loading lots of scripts & stylesheets.

What did we deliver?

We delivered them a brand new site with same design and colour theme.

One of our main focuses during the project was ensuring that it was clear to the users what was available for delivery without restricting their ordering process.

To tackle this we did a few things:

On Product Archives - we added a postcode field which would check the region the customer is in and then added an overlay to all of the products that were not available for delivery. The postcode was then also stored in the session and continued through to checkout and any other pages that the user visited.

On Product Pages - we added a section that clearly told users where they could deliver the product too.

On The Cart - we advised customers whether products were available and allowed them to update their delivery address or remove the items.

Other Improvements

We redesigned the checkout into separate steps and removed a lot of the navigation as this has proven in the past to increase conversion rate in the checkout.

Added a toggle to product archives that allowed the user to change how they viewed products between a list or a grid view. This also carried through the users session.

Added a countdown to product pages which told customers to order by a certain cutoff to receive delivery by a certain date. The cutoff also accepted any lead time and could be set on a per product basis.

Made it possible to add products for pre-order and clearly inform the customer when it would be available.

Added Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager along with setting up enhanced e-commerce,

Integrated MailChimp and a coupon generator for a Free bag campaign.

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