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Owatrol Direct

Who are Owatrol Direct?

Owatrol Direct are a leading paint & coatings distributor.

What did I do for them?

This site was a pre-existing site that I handled support for.

Some of the larger task I have down are below.

Rebuilt product archives - Part of this rebuild was to improve navigation for customers to do this we removed products from the top level categories and listed all of the sub categories on the top level category pages. Then we added a filtering system to the sub category pages which allowed customers to filter products by their needs. This was to help customers find products that suited their requirements. Many of the customers that visited Owatrol were not familiar with the brands products.

Implemented a map of distributors - This so that Owatrol could list all of its distributors which customers could then filter to their location and find their closest store that sold Owatrol products.

Added cross sells to the cart page

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